Jayme’s Outdoor Shooting

Jayme Langford wanted to go for a outdoor shoot today. And not wanting to burst her bubble we agreed to her terms and went to the back yard for her shoot. To be honest how could you deny this red headed beauty what she wants when she asks so nicely for it. Suffice to say she has a way with guys, so convincing everyone to do the shoot outside wasn’t a real problem for her. And the outfit she wore? absolutely amazing, she looks just like hot Lilly Roma. Well when we saw her we knew why she insisted on her outdoor shoot.

She picked up a really sexy green dress that she was just so eager to show off and eventually take off in front of the camera. It just made her look even more cute and gorgeous than she already was today. Watch her undress slowly with her enticing poses. She sure knows how to draw the view to her with this one. And also enjoys seeing her naked body once she’s all rid of her constricting clothes. All in all we say that her decision to shoot outside was a great idea, and we’re sure as hell expecting to do more of these in the future. See you next time guys!


See hot Jayme bragging with her amazing curves!