Jayme Exposed

Another great week and another Jayme Langford update for you eager fans of her out there. Our hot teen seems to be rising through the ranks of the porn industry quite fast, and you guys helped her get where she is today. So for this one it’s not technically been a week, but Jayme really wants to show her appreciation for every one of her fans with this update, so that’s why it’s coming out early. And as a bonus she wants to show off her sexy red panties for the camera too. Let’s see what she does have in store for you guys today.

She starts out in the hallway looking all sexy and in a naughty mood. And when she is like that you can pretty much safely bet that she’ll do some dirty things. Removing her top she continues posing around sensually and sexy for the camera, until she decides that she’s now horny enough to want to please her pussy. So she takes a seat on the floor right there to start playing around and massaging her perky and round breasts for you. Slowly but surely she makes her way down and starts pleasing her now wet pussy. Like always enjoy and see you soon and if you can’t wait until the next week’s update, come inside alisonangel.org blog and have a great time watching another hot babe like Jayme massaging her perfect boobs.


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